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End Of Financial Year SALE Now On.
End Of Financial Year SALE Now On.

Blackwing Colours Set of 12

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Blackwing Colours expand the Blackwing lineup into the world of coloured pencils. They boast extra-smooth wax cores that do not feel too “waxy” or become crumbly with use. Like graphite Blackwing pencils, Blackwing Colours are made from California Incense Cedar with Japanese cores. They are designed for easy colouring and perform best on mildly textured paper, making them an excellent choice for using with adult coloring books. Crafters also appreciate their good performance on black paper. They feature silver coloured end caps for improved balance, colored barrels, and silver lettering. Blackwing Colours come in a sturdy, attractive cardboard box with a foam insert and a viewing window.

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