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Chroma Archival Classic Medium

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$9.85 - $135.15
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The healthier alternative! Archival Odourless Mediums and Solvents evaporate much more slowly than turpentines, resulting in a minimum of vapour during painting sessions. Archival Mediums are based on fast-drying alkyd resins, which outperform "traditional" mediums and are healthier to use.

Chroma Archival Odourless Classic Medium is a modified stand oil-based medium for painters who prefer slower drying. It’s ideal for thinning paint while maintaining a rich, luminous finish when dry, lends greater control for detail work, and offers longer manipulation time for over-painting, glazing, and wet-in-wet techniques. It can be used throughout a long painting process or for slow glazing on top of fast underpainting. Do not use fast-drying mediums over the top of Classic Medium, as the tension between the paint layers caused by the different drying times may be strong enough to crack. Odourless Classic Medium generates very little vapour, resulting in healthier and more pleasant painting sessions.

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