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End Of Financial Year SALE Now On.

MM6 Polymer Matt Varnish

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MM6 Polymer Matt Varnish can be used as a final varnish over a dried, well-cured acrylic painting when a flat, matt or very low sheen is required (and the use of MM15 Matt Varnish (turps-based) is not appropriate).

Most suitable as a protective coating particularly over large works exposed to damage in public galleries, commercial paintings required for floodlit photographic reproduction and paintings that would be improved by eliminating unbalanced glossy highlights. Although white in colour, MM6 Polymer Matt Vanish dries completely clear and is non-yellowing.


It is recommended that this product be stirred thoroughly before application, as it contains a matting agent that can settle at the bottom of the container. Avoid shaking the container as this can cause bubbles to form that may affect the finish. Do not allow to freeze.

Add approximately 20% water to increase the flow of MM6 Polymer Matt Vanish and apply with a soft bristled brush to minimise brush streaks. On application, this varnish may appear to be slightly white, but will become transparent as it dries. It is important to apply the product rapidly and not keep working the surface as it begins to dry. Doing so can result in white patches as the brush scratches the drying varnish. A minimum of two coats is recommended for a consistent matt finish. MM6 Polymer Matt Vanish is not suitable for use over oil paints.

Drying time is approximately 1-2 hours, (leave 24 hours before re-coating) depending upon weather conditions. Do not attempt to speed the drying process with a heat source such as a blow dryer or fan heater, as this may cause cracking over time. Also exercise caution when applying any polymer varnish in very thick layers on a hot day, as moisture can become trapped in the drying surface, causing a cloudy finish that is very difficult to correct.

Although MM6 Polymer Matt Varnish can be used in a mixture with Matisse paint, its effect within the paint would not be as pronounced as when using MM5 Matt Medium which contains a far greater percentage of flattening agents.

Both the MM6 Polymer Matt Varnish and the MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish can be mixed together to achieve a range of semi-gloss or satin finishes – or simply use the MM28 Polymer Satin Varnish.

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