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End Of Financial Year SALE Now On.
End Of Financial Year SALE Now On.

“The Masters” Brush Cleaner & Preserver 24oz

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Generals Brush Cleaner and Preserver is specially formulated to help artists remove stubborn, hardened paint from their brushes. It will work on most oil, acrylic and watercolour brushes, leaving your brushes clean and ready to paint!

To use Generals Brush Cleaner, wet your brush and swirl to work up a lather with the cleaner on the bristles or caked paint. Let the brush sit for a while before rinsing off the cleaner with water, then repeat this process until all the old, dried paint is removed. This cleaner even works to restore old, hardened oil brushes to their original snap and colour. The cleaner will also help prevent paint build up in the brush’s ferrule.

Beyond just cleaning, conditioning your brushes with Generals Brush Cleaner will help them hold more colour and lay down a smooth, even flow. Using this cleaner to condition your brushes after every session will keep them looking and working like new.

For use as a preserver, Clean your brushes as above, then leave the clear lather on your brush bristles, shape them, and allow to dry. When you're ready to use your brush again, shake powder off bristles. 

Generals Brush Cleaner gives off no harmful fumes or odours and it is safe for use in the classroom or studio. It’s suitable for use on sable, bristle, and synthetic brushes.

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